Monday, September 12, 2011

In Memory of Gracie

I was commissioned to make a  memorial piece for a mother, who lost her 17 year old daughter to cancer.  I was given a few blogs to read and then asked to design something simple.  It was a  pleasure reading about this amazing young girl named Gracie and heartbreaking reading about her fight with cancer.  I learned she loved fashion, her best friend Zoe and God.   I meditated on Gracie and this information for several days.  I really wanted to connect to this piece in hopes of bringing the slightest comfort to her mother.  I felt honored I was asked to design a piece of such significance and I felt challenged because "simple" isn't something I can do easily.  After a few days of meditation, I realized I was focusing on clouds a lot at home.  I was drawing them, painting them, adding happy faces on them but I felt something more was missing; then, I was given a lead that Gracie loved ladybugs.  
I designed this piece in her honor.  The cloud represents heaven and happiness and the flying ladybug represents Gracie is set free.  Gracie passed away at the young age of 17.  The wings of the ladybug include 17 spots representing each year she gifted the world with her life.  
It was a pleasure reading about such a beautiful soul.  I hope heaven is a giant play ground for Gracie.