Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Ruby Lu

Ruby is three years old but if you ask her, she is six and a half. She has "loose toothes" and has all ready lost her first tooth, "it just grew back at the same time".  Ruby is hilarious, clever, adorable and so easy to love! She has style! We call it Hobo Chic, she doesn't like anything to match, she likes mismatched shoes, mismatched socks, tights and layers.  She loooves layers! Ruby loves accessories. She always wears jewelry and loves to wear hats and scarves.  You will always find Ruby with bags of stuff. We try to limit her to one but sometimes she manages to get three different bags out the door. One on her back and one in each hand.  Ruby loves her baby dolls and animals. She adores her big sister,  Ava and loves her family. Ruby is determined.  She is sensitive.  She doesn't accept "no" for an answer.  She is always willing to negotiate a better outcome. Ruby is very amused by fart, poop and pee jokes because of this, she and her daddy have a tight connection. Ruby is small in size and big in personality. 
Often Ruby tells me she talks and plays with my dad. One day she caught me in tears and said "It's ok Mama, Papa is in my room all the time.  He'll be back tomorrow."  I do believe Ruby talks with my dad, she knows too much about his favorite things.  I beam with love for my little passionate baby. Look out world. Ruby Lucille is here!
Did I mention Ruby runs the show?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Ava Mae

I've decided if I am going to blog to you about my jewelry.   You should now a bit about my inspirations, my daughters.
This is Ava, she is six and a half and missing three teeth.  She is in first grade and is doing really well. She is in a dual language program and is learning Spanish.   Ava is a ballet dancer and practices Yoga.  Aside from many play dates and frequently reading, Ava enjoys being a Queen Alien and a Fairy. She is a very loving big sister and friend. Ava has a gentle heart and a very deep understanding of humanity and compassion.   Ava is a wise girl, loves learning, creating and imagining.  Ava is very fond of books and shoes, she is confident and inspiring. I learn from my children everyday. Ava inspires me to see the best in everyone and reminds me that every being is worthy of love.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

For Kate In Memory of Baby Noah Joel

Kate found me through my online store and asked me to recreate one of my rings for her. This week is the due date of her son who didn't make it into this world. I'm honored that she chose me because its my hope that my jewelry lives on for generations with meaning. Thank you Kate. Here is my work step by step and a picture of me so you can put a face to my work. Throughout the entire process I kept a healing candle lit and his name on my work bench. Much love and many healing vibrations to you. xoxo

Made of sterling silver, and etched with details and imperfections to represent life. This raw organic ring has Noah Joel hammered inside as well as his expected date of birth 03.12.10. and his birthstone, aquamarine set in the center.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bling It!!

Here are a few pieces from my Ice Collection that is making a very strong come back!