Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Ava Mae

I've decided if I am going to blog to you about my jewelry.   You should now a bit about my inspirations, my daughters.
This is Ava, she is six and a half and missing three teeth.  She is in first grade and is doing really well. She is in a dual language program and is learning Spanish.   Ava is a ballet dancer and practices Yoga.  Aside from many play dates and frequently reading, Ava enjoys being a Queen Alien and a Fairy. She is a very loving big sister and friend. Ava has a gentle heart and a very deep understanding of humanity and compassion.   Ava is a wise girl, loves learning, creating and imagining.  Ava is very fond of books and shoes, she is confident and inspiring. I learn from my children everyday. Ava inspires me to see the best in everyone and reminds me that every being is worthy of love.


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diane rene said...

there are very few who wear the beauty and sensitivity of their soul outward ... ava is definitely one ♥