Sunday, March 7, 2010

For Kate In Memory of Baby Noah Joel

Kate found me through my online store and asked me to recreate one of my rings for her. This week is the due date of her son who didn't make it into this world. I'm honored that she chose me because its my hope that my jewelry lives on for generations with meaning. Thank you Kate. Here is my work step by step and a picture of me so you can put a face to my work. Throughout the entire process I kept a healing candle lit and his name on my work bench. Much love and many healing vibrations to you. xoxo

Made of sterling silver, and etched with details and imperfections to represent life. This raw organic ring has Noah Joel hammered inside as well as his expected date of birth 03.12.10. and his birthstone, aquamarine set in the center.


Kate said...

I'm speechless. You are truely amazing. My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotions right now. Joy, happiness, love, hurt, pain, and comfort. To see someone else recognize Noah makes my heart so overfilled with joy! The ring is more than I expected! You are a friend for life and with the many conversations we have had you have a special place in my heart and in our family! Thank you thank you thank you! Many successes and blessings on your family! As well as your business! :) you are now my jeweler! ;) thank you again Gracie!!!

Flor y Canto said...

My dearest Gracie... There are some people in the world, whose feet are planted firmly on the ground, and who feel the earth beneath their bare feet, hear the chime in the children's laughter and can read someone's heart when they look into their eyes or listen to their story. You are one of these people. I hope you do take hold of your gift and walk with awareness of it everyday because you have such a deep purpose on this earth, which you fulfill everyday, I just don't know if you know it!

Gracie said...

Kate, I am so glad you loved your ring. That means a lot to me. Im glad you were able to see the whole process.
Angelina, I love you so. You are a mirror.