Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The best customer email of 2009!

Now this is the kinda feedback I like to hear!!!

Sent by xxxxx on December 30, 2009:

Ever-so-lovely Gracie,

A happy New Year to you & yours! May your 2010 be blessed!

I thought my 2010 was looking good . . . until I saw this ring & realized that I needed it. Not want. NEED. MUST HAVE. Would SHANK a b*tch for. Vaseline & razor blades territory, I'd take out my earrings & everythang.

My ring finger is a seven, my middle an eight. What have you available? If it is only for the tiny, I have no problem with a pinky finger, mafioso-stylee statement piece. I am flexible.

Anywho, get back to me when you can, I am in no crazy rush. But I do require that ring, dang it all.



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